The IUOE Local 57 Health & Welfare Fund is pleased to announce that a new “Telemedicine” benefit has been added to your benefit package.  If you are currently enrolled in the active health, dental and life Insurance program, you are also eligible to utilize the new telemedicine benefit at no cost to you

How It Works

If you or your dependents are suffering from conditions such as: common cold, flu, sinus, muscle pains, respiratory infections (see enclosed for full list of conditions), you can avoid going to and paying for the walk-in clinic or emergency room by simply calling a Swift MD physician 24/7.  The doctors will ask you a series of questions and prescribe something to help you.  They will call it in to your local pharmacy or any pharmacy of your choice in any area of the U.S if you happen to be traveling.


If you went to the walk-in clinic or emergency room it is $25/$100, respectively.  If you suffer from a minor condition that may not require the walk-in or ER, you can call or videoconference with Swift MD at NO COST TO YOU.* The Swift MD doctors are board certified with a minimum of 10 years’ experience.  They only retain the best and most professional physicians in their network.  Enclosed are the instructions to help you get started.   Please contact the union hall if you have any questions.


Click Here for Instructions