Retirees of Local 57


If you are a participant of the Local 57 Benefit Plans and you are thinking about the possibility of retirement, you may contact the Funds Office for information about your benefit options. It is generally common for members seeking retirement to meet with a financial planner before making that big decision.  Because there are multiple pension benefit options available to you and your family, a financial planner will best be able to help you plan for retirement based on these options as it relates to your expected standard of living.  

If you are interested in retiring and wish to receive information about your specific benefit package, please contact the Local 57 Benefit Funds Office at (401) 331-9191, weekdays 8:00am-4:00pm. 



Retiree Medical and Life Insurance

​As a retiree, you may be eligible for medical and life insurance benefits.  Please see the requirements described in the Summary Plan Description:

Eligibility Requirements for Retiree Insurance

The current life benefit for eligible retirees is $5,000.  If you wish to update your current beneficiary, please complete the Beneficiary Designation Form and return to the Benefit Funds Office. 

​Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation Form

Dental Insurance

​If you are a retiree and are no longer eligible for Active Dental coverage through Local 57, you may be eligible to enroll in Delta Dental of RI's retiree plan.  Please contact the Union Hall for more information.