Wage & Benefit Rates

onstruction Industries of Rhode Island (CIRI) Road Wages

CIRI Wages and Benefit Rates 11/1/2022

CIRI Wages and Benefit Rates 5/1/2022


Rhode Island Associated General Contractors (AGC Labor Division) Building Wages

AGC Wage & Benefit Rates 12/1/2022

AGC Wage & Benefit Rates 6/1/2022



For Power Plants, Sewer Treatment Plants, Pumping Stations, Tunnels, Cassions, Piers, Docks, Bridges, Wind Turbines, Subterranean & Other Marine & Heavy Construction Work:

AGC WAGE & Benefit Rates 12/1/2022 (SUB T)

AGC Wage & Benefit Rates 6/1/2022 (SUB T)



For Employers

Employer Benefit Contributions

Employer benefit contributions are required for all employee payroll hours and paid holidays for work covered within the Agreement.  You can find the excel version of the monthly benefits report on the right sight of this page.  If you have any questions about submitting employer contributions, please contact the Local 57 Benefit Funds office weekdays, 8:00am-4:00pm.


Remittance Address:

IUOE Local 57 Funds
857 Central Avenue
Johnston, RI 02919

​Phone: (401) 331-9191
Fax: (401) 764-0015

Employer Contributions Due Date:

Benefit hours must be reported for all hours worked including holidays.  All employer benefit contributions and employee payroll deductions are due no later than the 20th of each month covering payroll periods ending in the previous month.

​Example: If work is performed in January, contributions and employee deductions are due no later than February 20th.

Zero Hours:

If you have no hours to report, you must submit a blank contribution report to the Fund office or notify Ryan White at: rwhite@iuoelocal57.org 


Payroll Deductions

​There are two weekly employee withholdings that must be submitted with the employer benefit contributions each month.  The electronic contribution reports will automatically calculate the member withholdings using the lower excel tab labeled "Weekly Withholdings"    

​1) Political Education and Action Fund (PEAF)

PEAF Withholding= $0.04 per hour

Example:  160.00 hours worked

                160.00 x $0.04= $6.40 to be withheld 

2) Administrative Dues Fund

Administrative Dues Withholding= 1.75% x Total Gross Wages + 1.75% x Total Benefit Package

​*If you are using a payroll company or other payroll software that cannot calculate the dues withholding using this formula, you may also use the following calculation:

1) 0.0175 x Gross Wages Earned

2) $0.518875 x Hours Worked

3) Add the answers from number's 1) and 2)


An employee works 40.00 hours and earns $1,500.00 in gross wages in one week:

1) 0.0175 x $1,500.00= $26.25

2) 0.518875 x 40.00= $20.76

3) $26.25 + $20.76 = $47.01 to be withheld

​If you have any questions concerning employee payroll deductions, please contact the Local 57 Funds Office.